So About that McCain…

The Financial Times has a story up talking about John McCain making the recent Supreme Court decision to provide habeus corpus to the prisoners in Guantanimo.

It’s pretty surprising to me that a guy who spent several years of his life as a POW can’t see the benefit of providing POWs we hold with a means to ask, “Why am I here?”

If there truly is a War on Terror, the only way to win it is by changing mindsets. The quickest way to do that is to show them what our country stands for, and this is one of those ways.

Wait, You Mean He Cares?

The Times of London has a nice little article up based on an interview with President Bush. In it, he sounds more human and compassionate than he has at any point in his presidency. It’s pretty impressive the power that looking like a douche bag for all of history can have on someone, I guess. I just wish he had come to these sorts of realizations earlier before things got to this point.

I personally hate democrats and republicans equally. I also try to hope for the best every election. I give the pres a pass on the recession that hit at the beginning of his presidency since it was the Clinton Boom Years economic bubble popping, but pretty much everything after that is exactly what he wanted.

I can’t believe that after six years of his presidency with a republican controlled Congress and having a general idea of the republican utopia, that the country wasn’t any thing of the sort. Or either the republican vision is so flawed that it cannot ever exist.

How can there be no position for smaller government that minds its own business and leaves people to live their lives they way they want to? Why do we only get to choose between “big govenment” democrats and “big government” republicans? Why would no one stand up with those of us that said, “Enough is enough!”?

Now we are left with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Is it any wonder I am going Libertarian?

John McCain: The Buck Stops Over There Somewhere

If John McCain says the “Mission Accomplished” banner isn’t the responsibility of the president, then whose responsibility is it?

There was a saying I learned when I was a kid: The buck stops here. Bosses use it when they indicate that regardless, they take responsibility for their employees actions. The Bush administration doesn’t believe in that, and now McCain shows us he doesn’t either.

I’m ready for a president who will stand up and be accountable. We’ve missed that the last long while. When can we have someone elected who really is in charge?