10th Birthday

Yesterday was the 10th anniversiary of the original Playstation’s debut in North America. I remember my friend Wayne riding with Mom, Dad and I to my grandmother’s so we could stop along the way and buy our systems. I loved the Saturn a little more than the Playstation, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t spend vast amounts of time playing games like Alien Trilogy and Wipeout.

I haven’t been as much of a fan of the Playstation2. I bought one when it came out, but the lack of quality games for it made me regret the purchase. When my initial unit died after a single year of use, I was very upset, especially given the quality issues with the original Playstation. When the Xbox came out, I switched and never really looked back.

A new console generation is about to dawn. Initially, I was more impressed by the Xbox360, but given their inane launch decisions, I have quite nearly decided to skip it entirely and wait for the third Playstation. I know I will not buy a 360 while it is brand new. My interest will be raised when Project Gotham Racing 3 is released, but until then, Microsoft can keep it’s does-it-or-doesn’t-it-have-a-hard-drive system to themselves.

A Couple of Things…

that have been bothering me.

First, given what I have seen of the Xbox360 preorder deals, I wonder if the buyout of Electronics Boutique by Gamestop should have been rubber stamped so quickly. Don’t we deserve more than one videogame-only store? Given that the minimum you can pay for a 360 is $400 for a system priced at $300 because they only sell bundles strikes me as overkill. For anyone on the fence in regards to buying now or waiting, I suggest waiting.

There was a second item, but I have forgotten it. Bah!