It has been literally years since I bought a new game the day it was released. That changed today with the release of Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream.

I played through the prelude and opening scene before turning in last night. It is a game that will suck you in, although I am still hampered by never having memorized exactly which buttons correspond to which letters on the Playstation controller.

The intro events were kind of neat. I enjoyed helping the character Ethan do his architectural design work. Playing with his kids was fun, too. The tension when his son was hindered by bad controls for me unfortunately.

All in all I am looking forward to continuing to see what the game has to offer. It’s definitely different which is always a plus.

Digitalbattle.com Folks Are Silly

So digitalbattle.com has crafted a list of the top 10 reasons the PS3 is in the crapper. Even though Sony is a solid third, their list is kind of a bullshit.

For the first point, they list that there have been too many SKUs (that’s different models if you didn’t know). For it to be a PS3 failing, they’d have had to have been the only ones to do it. Unfortunately they learned this from Microsoft with the 360. While Microsoft managed to be successful with it (and more so with selling things the cheap models were lacking), Sony has given you all the good stuff you need to use the system with every version, at least. There’s also the point that as far as I can remember, there have only ever been two SKUs available at a time and for the last two years or so, the only difference between models has been the size of the hard drive. digitalbattle.com lists the multiple SKUs causing confusion. While I do think a tremendous number of people are idiots, if you are into game buying, I don’t think your head will explode because of the choice between a 40gb and 80gb hard drive.

Their fifth point is that there still isn’t a strong game library for the PS3. I disagree, mostly based on the games released last year. While certainly slimmer than the 360s, Sony is in much better shape than other third place companies have been. Remember the Gamecube and how the only games to play on it were the two or three Nintendo released a year? That doesn’t happen here.

Their fourth point is that ports for the PS3 generally suck compared to other systems. This is pretty fanboy. I remember reading in reviews that GTA4 had better graphics on the PS3. Command and Conquer has been mentioned as having better graphics. Alone in the Dark is actually a good game for the PS3. Only bad or lazy developers don’t use a time differential to put out a better product down the road.

Their other points are all pretty valid but they go about them the wrong way. They say that it’s too late for any killer apps for the PS3. Given that one game released in Japan gave the PS3 the top sales for that week, I think killer apps are always relevant and can grow a system faster than anything.

Players Causing Problems Online?

Joel Durham of Extreme Tech has had about enough of it. Personally, I don’t blame him. The problem with Xbox Live is that they will let anyone in.

You read about people listening to their kids yell epithets while playing Live. What I wonder is why they don’t actually do anything about it? Maybe if your kid is grown, there isn’t as much as you can do, but honestly, maybe there should be a return to the days of “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

I’d honestly like to see the companies enforce a Player Code of Conduct. If you are in public, you can’t just go around acting like an ass without some sort of ostracization. There should be mechanisms for this in these online worlds. I suppose having the score by your name in Live is supposed to help with this, but it doesn’t seem to.

Maybe what really needs to happen is all game consoles should be in the bedrooms of parents if the person playing is 17 or younger. Maybe then hurling slurs would slow down a bit.


I started a 10-day trial of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach yesterday. I like the mechanics of the game. You actually have to actively attack things, not just turn on the attack button.

DDO: Stormreach
DDO: Stormreach
It’s a little disappointing I have to earn 400 favor to play as a dark elf (my preferred fantasy rpg race). That would be mitigated a little if there were any guides online about getting favor, but the best you can find are reward lists. Such is the lot for games with smaller followings.

I liked their new starter area. It was redone at some point last year when the developers decided they needed to add some solo-able content. I’m playing a monk for now. Mostly it’s because I haven’t ever really played a monk in a game. (Obviously these games need to start working on their class/profession diversity a bit.)

The game is built on a hub city format which makes me think of Guild Wars, but thankfully things are interesting in this game, so I don’t feel my brain being numbed like I did while playing GW.

For one day in, they are doing a pretty decent job. With the game only costing $10, they might be able to get me to buy it and subscribe for a little while.