Ah, corporations

Watching Lost tonight, I saw credit card commercial. The commercial was showing someone graduating from college and then progressing through various moments from life. Interstitials of themed credit cards marked the various periods, i.e. the college themed credit card, the business card, the disney card, ad nauseum. This was all done to the tune of Five for Fighting’s 100 years.

This corruption of American culture by businesses trying to filch money from our pockets has gone on too long. This is what happens when corporations own everything. Corporations own the music publishing…they own the songs; they own the movies we watch. The hallmark characters of our lives belong to media companies that are only concerned with how they can best exploit their properties for profit.

The art of multiple generations has been corrupted and our elected leaders keep taking steps to keep us from being able to reclaim it. Mickey Mouse was due to enter the public domain this decade, along with hosts of other songs and movies. The entertainment industry paid their money and got Senator Sonny Bono of California to give them the legislation they needed to protect their properties.

The deadlines for these properties to go into the public domain will never arrive. We the people have too little power and too little interest in changing things. We don’t care enough about our culture to stop it from being copywrited and sold to the highest bidder. We will not be content until we have to pay a license fee to hum the tune of the latest, greatest pop single.

We are a sorry excuse for a country and a culture for selling our inner most thoughts and dreams.

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