A Little Stream of Consciousness IM Post

(13:06:29) lifeat30fps: see how things get sticky when people decide they are going to be team america world police? you want to stop people from going nuclear, which is a good goal, but in the last few years, you attacked someone after lying to everyone about what their capabilities were, then you made a deal with another country that they could make more nukes, since they are our friends.
(13:06:43) lifeat30fps: its a bit like a teacher having pets.
(13:07:09) lifeat30fps: essentially because of a few warmongers, we have lost the high ground
(13:08:47) lifeat30fps: it’s quite a bit ironic, too, because the strategy used in the run up to the iraq invasion was the same used by cheney, rumsfeld and wolfowicz in the 70s as the reasoning to build up military spending when ford was president
(13:09:17) lifeat30fps: also it is problematic when you send the message to developing nations that we want you to have a democracy as long as you elect people we want you to
(13:09:52) lifeat30fps: at least in the 80s reagan had the foresight to use covert ops to attack people who had leaders unfriendly to us
(13:11:08) lifeat30fps: so what happens is someone a bit nutty, but popular at home, like hugo chavez has people listen when he says the americans try to assassinate him because for one thing, we go and invade countries that we don’t like the leaders of now and and his country has oil, which is another prerequisite for us to be involved.

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