Stranger of Sword City

Have you been waiting for a dungeon crawler in the vein of Etrian Oddyssey or classics like Wizardry for the Xbox One? Your day is coming soon! NIS is bringing Stranger of Sword City to Microsoft’s console! I was fortunate to be selected to receive a preview copy and will be sharing my thoughts with you over the next several weeks.

My initial impressions are positive. The game features English-subtitled Japanese language dialogue. It’s a slight disappointment, but given the financials involved, not a surprise. Past that, it seems like the budget went into art design. The game features two sets of artwork you can hot-swap between, one with a more lighthearted design and the other with a bit more of a serious vibe. There is automapping as you’d expect, and the dungeon designs are nice. There is a fun feel that everything is a dungeon inside another dungeon.

I will be playing on Twitch over the next couple of weeks so everyone can get a sense of the game for themselves. For now, I am enjoying it and I hope you will enjoy exploring the game with me!

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