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Oh, Europe

If Europe thinks they can come out of their dealings with Moscow unbullied, I am afraid they are going to have a rude awakening.

Russia only ever does what is in Russia’s best interest. Also, if they can finagle something extra out of negotiations for doing what’s in their best interest, all the better. Think of their dealings with Ukraine, a people they consider to be their kin: A 25-year lease extension for the Black Sea Fleet got Ukraine 10 years of discounted gas. Who won there?

Russians are a people who feel the rest of the world is inferior to them perhaps because of the natural hardiness it takes to live in their geographic borders. It’s why they think the act of smiling makes Westerners inferior.

And if European leaders come out of this with smiles, you will know the Russians really did win.

Arizona’s Step Towards Totolitarianism – A Play

Arizonans, it doesn’t matter if it’s Mexicans you are afraid of. Just imagine…one day you are running late for work. Blue lights flash behind you.

“I’m sorry officer. Is there a problem?”
“I need to see license, registration and birth certificate, please. I’m just verifying you’re an American.”
“But officer…I’m white!”
“Doesn’t matter, ma’am. We are not allowed to discriminate in the enforcement of the law. If you don’t have your birth certificate with you, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you downtown. At HQ we can match your DNA profile, but we don’t have the field test kits for that yet. Besides, some Mexicans are white.”
“I don’t like your tone, officer.”
“You’re welcome opt to not show your citizenship documents, but remember doing so requires a mandatory 25 day prison stay.”
“Officer, I forgot my birth certificate this morning. My children are waiting at school…”
“Ma’am, I’ve heard it all before. You knew the risks when you chose to leave home without your documents.”
“Wait…I recognize you. You’re Karen’s son! I used to babysit you!”
“I remember ma’am.”
“Then you KNOW I’m a citizen!”
“Ma’am, the law doesn’t allow me to vouch for people. I am only allowed to check their documents and take proper action after the verification process. The sooner you come with me to HQ, the sooner I can be back out on the street looking for more Mexicans.”


It was this date 66 years ago that the Soviets began their mass deportation of Crimean Tatar from Crimea.

A new study by scholar Otto Pohl hosted with the International Committee for Crimea sheds new light on events that led up to this horrific event.

Highlights as selected by Mrs. Inci Bowman include:

-During April and May 1944, the NKVD arrested nearly 6,000 Crimean Tatars for anti-Soviet activities, amounting to about 3% of the Crimean Tatars then living on the peninsula. Yet, the entire population was
deported without being charged with any crime.

-On 22 April 1944, Beria’s deputies Serov and Kobulov sent a message to Beria, claiming that 20,000 Crimean Tatars had deserted from the Soviet Army in 1941. In fact, this figure (20,000) was the total number of
Crimean Tatars serving in the military at that time. The actual desertions from the Crimean ASSR by all nationalities during the years 1941-1944 was only 479.

-On 10 May 1944, Beria sent a letter to Stalin, not only accusing the Crimean Tatars of desertion but adding that these 20,000 men had joined the German forces and fought against the Soviet Army. (p.2) The German
records show that 9,225 Crimean Tatars served in the Nazi battalions, revealing a figure less than 1% of about 1.3 million Soviet citizens who served with the Germans.

On this anniversary, say a prayer for those who lost family and friends due to the events of May 18, 1944. Lives continue to be effected as Crimean Tatar struggle to return home and adjust to life in Ukraine.