Monthly Archives: July 2007

Moving Forward

For a year, I lived in a really bad place. To use standard terms, it was dark there…very dark. It was very much like being in a burned out building. All around me were charred remnants of what my life was and who I used to be.

When in a situation like that, whether mentally or physically, it can be a daunting task just trying to figure out where to start cleaning things up. When you do start, every remnant you turn over has some painful memory underneath it, which makes you withdraw…pull back in agony.

It took until February for me to get a handle on the situation. From there, I could start piecing things back together. I was able to salvage what I could and strip out the rest. Honestly, there was much, much more stripped out than remains, just because things are so different. And because they are different, I am different, not that anyone would notice, since I don’t talk about those changes.

The plus side is that I am moved, settled and awaiting whatever happens next. I haven’t been in that position in a year. There are positive things circling around me. I feel better that I have in quite a while. I can almost smile now.

Soon, all my internal repairs will be complete, and the world, while not really being “right,” will at least no longer be upside down.

A Fear I Never Had

I jus read this story on MSN.

I got to fly in the helicopter and shoot news many times while I worked in New Mexico. I never feared anything like this happening, though, because our pilot, Gene, knew his stuff.

Gene was grizzled and haggered, but a great pilot. I am glad to have flown with him.

Thanks for keeping me safe all those times, Gene.

360 Blues

So after an extra day, due to the console needing to be shipped to work instead of my home address, I got my Xbox 360 back today. It sat patiently at work next to my backpack all day. I had to run an errand for work after I left, which delayed me. Then I stopped at the grocery store and grabbed some milk to drink. Finally at home, I opened the box and leafed through the paperwork that arrived with the console. The only thing of note is that my console couldn’t be repaired, so I was receiving a new (and most likely refurbished) console.

That’s ok, I thought, so long as it works. I carefully hooked it up, gathering the wires and making sure they were straight and had enough slack. I eased around to the front of my desk and picked up my controller, since I would have to sync it to the new 360. With great anticipation, I pressed the power button.

There was the 360 logo, pillarboxed on my widescreen display. Eh, ok, so some settings will have to be redone. Shame it doesn’t default to 16×9 out of the box though, I thought.

After that, nothing happened, save for the Xbox orb glistening.

That’s right. This Xbox has the exact same problem my last system had. And maybe one better, which is that the console has to have the power button pressed at least twice for the system to shut off.

It’s quite the antithesis to pay $130 for repairs, wait a month, then get a broken console for your efforts. Worst of all, I had the console shipped to work, which took an extra day because UPS only will change that sort of thing after a failed delivery attempt at the initial address (and surprise, surprise, they had no idea they were supposed to ship it anywhere else when I called them Wednesday to ask about it…they only discovered there was an intercept when I gave them precise information from their own package tracking system that it was supposed to go to a different address. Those guys really are a bunch of nincompoops). Had the console shipped out as it should have, I’d have gotten the thing yesterday and my assigned Repair Specialist would have been there today for me to talk to. As it stands, he is out until Sunday, which is entirely fine for him, since he seems like a good guy and definitely deserves his day off. Unfortunately that left me with a fast talking South Central Asian who was really only good at reading off his broken Xbox script/flowchart. In getting a brand new reference number and wondering if that would sever me from my Repair Specialist (and, of course, our Asian friend’s lack of asking), I forgot to tell them to ship the (maybe) repaired console to work, so now whatever amount of time it takes will be increased by a day as we go through the whole friggin process again with UPS.

The biggest tragedy? My copy of The Big Lebowski still sits in my stack of HD DVDs unwrapped. My only goal for tonight was to come home and enjoy it. Instead, I am griping on the internet, just like everyone else.