Another Thought on the Failed Amendment

Ok, so some say the ammendment was flawed…that it would have caused harm. MS Rep. Chip Pickering said it was better to decide things on a case-by-case basis, even.

So what? What legislation doesn’t cause harm? Let’s ask the guy who refills ink jet cartridges who got sued by Lexmark for violating the Digital Millenium Copyright act. The courts have upheld the guys ability to refill and sell the cartridges, but that hasn’t stopped Lexmark from suing others. How about colleges getting sued because students do papers about how poorly designed some company’s piracy software is implemented? While bad press stopped it, a student at Princeton University was going to be sued, perhaps his professor, too.

The problem is this: Our legislative system is corrupt and basically crap nowadays. It is rife with people out only to line their own pockets. They build legislation around who gives them the best kickback.

Why not, for once, pass a law that is lopsided in favor of the end user and then we can wait decades while they figure out a way to make it favor their corporate masters? Wouldn’t that be novel?