Monthly Archives: November 2005

My Hollywood rant


i don’t think hollywood sucks anymore today than it ever has. it’s just that at some point, hollywood decided they wanted to market to youth, except that the people calling the shots were in their 60s. there might be a few people who are good at looking across generations like that, but for the most part, you get what some old jewish guy *thinks* is cool.

all of this hinges on the big media suck principle: trying to sell culture sucks and you will not be successful very long.

some things have to be done out of love and respect for a particular cultural aspect, and not with the idea of $$. was particle sphere done for m4d l00t? nope. it was likely done for the same reason my host of angst-ridden stories are posted on my website: you created something you were proud of and wanted to share it.

i think that’s where all art has to begin. i think that’s why the 70s were such a banging time in hollywood. you had people creating these movies in what we would now call an indy style because they were passionate about the stories they were telling. do i think michael bay was passionate about bad boys 2? not in the least. as yoda would say, “this is why you fail.”